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    fcorteseSep 29, 11:27 PManother "accidental" OD of prescription drugs. Hasn't anyone taking prescription drugs learned by now what too much can do? It is a senseless loss, and a great loss for his friends and family.

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    John444Mar 16, 11:21 AMHey everyone I have a problem. I am making a website with 3 frames. two on the top (one being the title frame 15%, the other with a drop down CSS menu 10%). The bottom frame fills the rest of the page(*). When I put it together the drop down menu only drops down in that 10% frame. Is there anyway to make it drop down onto the bottom frame?

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    Jennifer Garner Hairstyles

    iBookG4userApr 25, 06:27 PMIt sounds like it might even be the DC-in board. If you're handy, you could even replace it yourself, depending on your model of MacBook it's around $30 here (

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    PunkwaffleAug 18, 02:36 PMI just was introduced to Tiddler Wiki and am completely taken by how cool this thing is!
    I, like many others, am starting to use the advice in GTD by David Allen to organize life.
    I checked many other programs (Curio, StickyBrain, CP Notebook, OmniOutliner 3) and have come to the conclusion that Tiddler Wiki is the best fit for me. Although, I must admit that OO3 really has my attention as well.

    Anyway, I would love to hear other people's experience with TiddlerWiki, especially if you are a GTD convert like myself. I browsed a few different styles online, but was wondering if anyone knows a good resource to view many style and layouts for it, as the standard version is incredibly ugly.

    Regarding OO3, if anyone is using this and can point me in the direction of some tutorials or reviews of how it has helped them, please respond.


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    SA22CMar 25, 02:55 PMIphone standard screen - 20 icons
    Android screen - 8ish icons + widgets

    obviously iphone would win!
    if you get an android phone and put your 20 icons on there it will be the same as the iphone.

    put widgets on the iphone, and lets see how it does. xD

    stop comparing apples and bananas, and hop off steve's wayng.

    I'm convinced.

    Well, I'm off to trade my iPhone 4 for a droid. See y'all later.

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    AnnaCodyNov 10, 03:53 PMHahaha, Jessica...didn't even think to google google...and I'm googling all the time. Be right back.....

    Oh, and will google R�ntgenstrahlung too!!

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    MisterMeJan 14, 07:27 AMIn most MacOS X applications including the Finder and Safari, choose the menu selection Edit/Special Characters....

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    Taustin PowersMay 11, 03:07 AMHmm...still not sure about the info so far. Everything seems to focus on the title as a creation tool and not a game so far.

    The level design of the first game was outstanding, I would love for those developers to include a solid "career" game already on the disc again. The user content is great too, but I really had the most fun just beating the game and completing all the original levels.

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    Ach111esMay 5, 11:36 PMredsnow directed towards 4.2.6, then select install cydia.

    then turn off.

    then rerun redsnow, direct it to 4.2.6 again, then select boot untethered.

    scroll down to verizon untether.


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    MyzhiApr 29, 10:11 PMI dloaded that iphone3, file. (which was selected when I picked the iphone4, 4.3.2 selection. When I unzip it, there is no .ipsw in it. all I find is a bunch of .dmg files and other folders.

    Change the file name from to 4.3.2.ipsw

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    Jennifer Garner

    nickster9224Apr 17, 12:32 AMi would go with the pro b/c of the greater memory, and more space for the downloadable content on XBL, and plus the HD is 20 vs $50USD for the 64mb memory card.

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    MacmaniacMay 1, 07:02 PMVery cool! Now just point her in the direction of the iTunes music service and tell her to buy you some tunes for your help!

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    KraftyJan 31, 10:54 AMSame. Don't think you have anything to worry about.

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    melb00mMay 4, 08:52 AMI'm hoping for the same. At least it sounds more reasonable that it might work than with the previous model. I'll wait a few weeks, then will go for my local Apple service partner to see if they can do it.

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    jennifer garner hair. jennifergarner; jennifergarner. MarkMS. Apr 23, 02:59 PM. The standard 129. Remember it has Server stuff in

    dh2005May 6, 08:31 PMHm. Has anyone else seen this?

    The educational discount on iMacs in the UK used to be 12%. I know this because the top-end iMac that I bought last October, which should've been �1,649, was �1,452. Plus, AppleCare was reduced from �139 to �34. So, all in, about �1,486.

    Looking at these figures, it seems to me that the discount's been reduced to 6%. And now, AppleCare costs almost �118. Had these been the prices seven months ago, my iMac would've cost me another �180-odd.

    Has anybody in the UK tried to buy one of the new iMacs with the educational discount? Are these figures accurate? I'm asking because it never used to be possible to access these figures away from a university computer - you'd only get the educational pricing from an institutional login, or by phoning the Apple Store hotline - whereas I'm suddenly able to access them from my desk at home. I'm wondering whether (and kinda hoping that...) this is a website screw-up.

    It all seems rather odd. Odd that Apple would cut the discount by such a substantial proportion - which is bound to dissuade some students from buying one - and odd that I can suddenly access this part of the website.



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    PsilocybinApr 23, 12:50 PMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    MobileMe can sync your contacts and a bunch of others but are you looking to sync your entire drive?

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    Bernard SGApr 20, 03:41 AMI just discovered these, surfing tech-blogs:

    Anyone notices the anomalies?

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    corywoolfSep 21, 11:10 PMfound another couple links on that Koernke guy:

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    liamkpJul 12, 09:27 AMI don't think that the demand for iPod touch 1st gen cases are there anymore...check eBay !


    FinderSpyderJun 23, 11:00 PMWonder how big it is now? I was thinking of going by there to see whats up and maybe attempt getting into the line. :D

    simsaladimbambaApr 6, 04:42 PMI don't know RipIt, but if it RipIt already transcodes, why do you transcode again?
    Why not just use another ripper and then transcode via Handbrake?

    How to backup/copy/rip video DVDs to your HDD and transcode them to another format in Mac OS X. (

    How-To: Automating DVD & Blu-Ray (Backup, Encoding & Tagging) for Mac OS X 10.6 (

    BraveHatApr 16, 05:23 PMSims, I've started googling info and it does look like most apps nowadays require OS X 10.5 or higher. I've been meaning to upgrade anyway, so I will do that and see if the problem still persists....


    GGJstudiosApr 22, 12:43 PMI've found it now.
    It's under Energy Saver in System Preferences.
    You can use Caffeine ( to temporarily override your Energy Saver settings, with a single mouse click. And as has already been stated, you don't need anti-virus software to protect your Mac from malware. Read the Virus/Malware link that simsaladimbamba posted.

    wpotereApr 10, 04:27 PMYou can run Bootcamp partition in VMWare Fusion. However, you have to install Windows via bootcamp first, not the other way around. Also, you have to activate a lot of apps twice (once for each side). It can be a bit of a pain to manage but it does work.

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